revolutionary new floor cleaning system benefits

Time! You will save a lot of time.Our most valuable commodity is time. Every day you trade your time for something. Do you really want to trade your time for cleaning a floor? Call us today for a quick thorough cleaning. The time you save is better spent with loved ones.

Clean... oh, so very clean floors.Vacuums pick up some debris. Most vacuums take that debris and spit out smaller debris throughout the air. Mops move dirt around, trapping some of it into the fabric of the mop which then is placed on another area of the floor, spreading the new and old debris. Our system is a revolutionary new system that truly extracts debris from pores of the floor, washing and immediately drying the floor, in one simple step. Left behind is simply nothing. That is clean.

Beautiful shiny floors.Wow! So shiny! So clean! Your friends will think you slaved over your floor. Your mop cannot replicate the power of our revolutionary floor cleaning system. The floor takes abuse all day every day. Scuff marks and embedded debris are unavoidable, but they don't need to be permanent.

Look, no cords.Unlike those other guys who are stuck dragging in massive hoses, our system is... well... revolutionary. No cords. No hoses. 100% battery powered. We can reach any part of your home, quickly, leaving behind beautifully cleaned floors. Don't blink, or you will miss the magic.

No more germs and bacteria!We don't recommend eating off your floors after we are finished, but yeah, you can brag on how clean they are to all your friends. Our system is unique in that germs and bacteria are extracted as much as possible.

Time! Did we mention time saving?It's worth mentioning again. Have you ever worked with a floor cleaning company? They tell you to be home between such and such time, basically leaving you immobilized. Their setup alone is something to be desired. Massive equipment mounted inside a large vehicle that needs special parking. It's just one inconvenience after another. When you hire us, all that nonsense goes away. Our system is so simple, yet so powerful, we are in and out before you know it, leaving behind a perfectly clean and sanitized hardwood and/or tile floor.