About Restore My Floors, LLCMelissa Donovan

Do you have a passion for cleaning floors?
We love to clean floors. Probably most people have not given this so much thought, and that is perfectly okay! You do not need a passion for cleaning, you just need to call us for a perfectly clean hardwood or tile floor.

"We don't just clean the floor, we sanitize the floor."

Hardwood floors and tile floors have pores that trap germs and bacteria. Same as for most of us, this was never a thought until tragedy struck our family. My son AJ became ill, immune system was compromised. It is in these difficult times we are taught how fragile our body is when exposed to certain germs and bacteria. Keeping your home germ free is a daunting task even for the most diligent. As most toddlers, AJ would crawl on our floor every day, being exposed to these germs and bacteria. While it is impossible to know what directly caused the illness, there was no disputing our need to keep the home as germ free as possible. Keeping a germ and bacteria free floor was my mission, still is today.

We cannot promise you a perfectly clean home without risk of getting ill, but we can deliver a sanitized clean floor to fight those pesky germs that are currently hiding in your floor. If germs and bacteria are not your motivator, then how about a beautiful shiny new floor? Our revolutionary system quickly restores your floors to a shiny new look by eliminating scuff marks and embedded debris.

"We are on a mission to restore your floor."

Why Choose Us?Because we are awesome at our job!

  • powerful & efficient floor restoration solutions
  • restores shine to any floor 70% faster
  • removes scuff marks from hardwood floors
  • cleans grout lines on tiled flooring
  • no power source needed - we can reach everywhere
  • child–safe and pet–friendly solutions
  • reviews from happy clients and high success rate