hardwood & tile
floor restoration
& maintenance

fast. clean. green.


melissa donovan

Floor restoration and maintenance is our specialty and passion. A clean floor improves the overall appearance of any room and promotes a sense of well-being. As the founder and operator of Restore My Floors, LLC, my promise to you is a clean, beautiful looking floor, for both, residential and commercial flooring.

revolutionary floor
cleaning service

  • we'll get your floors super clean super fast
  • say good-bye to harmful germs and bacteria
  • flexible scheduling tailored around your needs
  • hardwood floor experts now offering maintenance
  • tiled floors & grout lines scrubbed clean

residential floor restoration & maintenance

House maintenance is an ongoing struggle for every parent and hard working professional. Floor cleaning poses additional challenges - efficiency, safety and results often fall short in any household. Our revolutionary system delivers incredibly fast, safe and effective results that will leave you plenty of time to enjoy those precious moments with friends, family or just the much needed relaxation.

We offer child–safe and pet–friendly solutions.

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